Mullhaven Medical Laboratory

Unit 9 Stephenson Court
Fraser Road
Priory Business Park
MK44 3WH


Tel: 01234 831115


We are an independent private pathology facility situated along ideal lakeside settings at the Priory Business Park, Bedford.

An alternative to the busy NHS, we offer a fast track service for all blood, urine and stool specimen investigations.

Particularly, we offer Group B Streptococcus (GBS) testing during pregnancy. GBS is the commonest cause of life-threatening infections in newborn babies in the UK. Most GBS infections can be prevented with intravenous antibiotics, given at the onset of labour. This reduces the likelihood of early-onset GBS infection developing in a baby born to a woman carrying GBS at the time of delivery from around 1 in 300 to less than 1 in 6000.

Testing for GBS at Mullhaven Medical Laboratory utilises the gold standard Enriched Culture Medium (ECM) specifically designed for the isolation of GBS in swabs. This method is not routinely provided by the NHS. Our webpage at explains more.



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