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Press Release 27th February 2009 - New Health In Pregnancy Grant

Press Release 27th April 2009 - New Equity Bill and National Breastfeeding Awareness Week

Press Release 28th April 2009 - International Day of the Midwife

Press Release 26th May 2009 - Milton Keynes Birth Information Group

Press Release 14th September 2009 - Independent Midwife Practice Celebrates 5th Birthday

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A Day In The Life Of An Independent Midwife
Antenatal care, labour, birth and postnatal … read more about a typical day

Alternatives To Hospital Induction
Remember a term pregnancy is 37 – 42 weeks, nothing will work unless your body is actually ready to labour!

Blood Tests And Scans
Routine blood tests and scans that you will be offered during your pregnancy.

Blood Tests For Your Baby
Blood tests that may be offered to your baby.

Breech Birth
An article detailing a home breech birth and some of the options available when your baby is in a breech position.

Breech Birth
The story of an unexpected breech homebirth

Coping With Twins
A mother’s experience of coping with twin babies.

Foods Rich In Iron -
It is important to have adequate iron in your diet during pregnancy.

Heartburn Relief
A useful list of ideas to help with heartburn which can be one of the unpleasant side-effects of pregnancy.

Homebirth List Of Useful Items
A list of items which, although not essential, may be useful if you plan a homebirth.

Independent Midwives - Endangered Species
Independent Midwives are under threat – the Government has decided that they must have professional indemnity insurance despite the fact that it is not available to them.

New Pregnancy Grant For Women
The Government have announced a new one-off payment of £190 for each pregnancy with a due date of after 6th April 2009.

Planning A Baby
Important information and useful ideas to consider when you are planning a pregnancy.

So You Are Pregnant!
A walk through the pregnancy journey, discussing birth preparation, antenatal classes and ideas how you can prepare yourself for the birth.

Support For Bereaved Parents
Information and support availble for bereaved parents in the Buckinghamshire area.

The Big Day!
Lots of useful tips on how to help yourself during labour. Suggestions to keep you active and mobile and discussion of the pros and cons of pharmacological pain relief.

Top Tips For Labour
Top tips on coping with labour and the postnatal period.

Twin Homebirth
The story of twin girls born at home.

Twin Pregnancy and Birth
A twin birth from a mother’s perspective

Vitamin K
Discussion regarding why Vitamin K is recommended for your baby, how to increase Vitamin K in your diet and suggestion for further reading to inform your decision-making.

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